Next Meeting:  Saturday, March 19, 2018 5:00 pm at the 

Otisfield Town Office - Route 121

Meeting Minutes - January 6. 2018

Members Present: Stan & Ann Marie Brett, Fran Chickering, Emery Chickering, Diane Burak, Jeff Marble, Carl ‘Grumpy’ Dougherty, Art Purkis, Mike McAllister Dan and Brenda Durgin. 

I. Announcements

 Please check out our website at

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• Newly elected officers for the 2017-2018 season:

    - Stan Brett, President

    - Mike Richards, Vice President & Treasurer

    -Fran Chickering, Trail Master as of January 6, 2018
                   Special thanks to Fran for taking on this role as well as one of our groomer operators. We bid to farewell to                         Bill, wish him luck and hope that we may see him on the trails. Thanks to Bill for all he has done to support                        the club!

    - Ann Marie Brett, Secretary

    - Jeff Marble, Grant Administrator

    - Diane Burak, Communications Director

• Welcome to our newest members: Ed Truman, Mike McAllister, and Dan & Brenda Durgin, all are residents of Otisfield ME.

• Membership Info: Family membership to the club is $25 – Business memberships are $30; part of which will be applied to your MSA membership. Please send money to Ann Marie at 863 Gore. Rd., Otisfield, ME 04270. New membership applications are available on the website or through Ann Marie. [email protected]

II. Trail Maintenance Discussion

• Otisfield Trails are in great shape. Members have been riding and the groomers have been out.

• Poland, Casco, Raymond and Windham Trails have been groomed. Oxford trails have not been groomed.

• Most signs have been put up except for the big ones with maps.

• The signs made by Emery Chickering are out as well. For those who don’t know Emery made the signs as part of his high school senior project to cover trails all over town. They are all handmade, extremely durable and should last a long time. Nice job, Emery! Thank you!

• Access to the Coon Rd. trail is partially inhibited by the way the driveway is being plowed. Stan will give them a call to correct the problem.

Please remember to keep track of all trail work and grooming, including receipts. Submit receipts to Mike for reimbursement. All records of maintenance and work will be due at the April 2018 meeting.

III. Groomer Maintenance

• All groomers are running fine at this time

• The Track Truck with the snow packer pan is doing a good job. 

IV. Other Discussion

• We have confirmation that our grant application was received by the state. We could receive up to $5400 this year, however changes to the capital grant application requirements have made it out of reach for small clubs like ours.

• Thank you cards have been received from Christmas meal donations. The club usually makes a few deliveries if meals and fruit baskets at Christmas time as a thank you to long term land owners that allow us to ride on their property.

• Diane has agreed to manage the Facebook page in addition to the club’s website. Thank you, Diane!

• Abby Marble is willing to reach out to new members to survey their interests in the club and what they would like to get out of their membership. New members can expect to hear from her. 

Meeting adjourned 6:15 pm