Next Meeting:  Saturday, December 9, 2017

(at the Club Christmas Party)

4:00 pm - 863 Gore Road, Otisfield

Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2017

Members Present: Stan & Ann Marie Brett, Fran Chickering, Emery Chickering, Diane Burak, Chris Burak, Carl Dougherty, Bill Sprague, Lea Hodge. 

I. Announcements

 Please check out our website at

• Like us on Facebook

• Newly elected officers for the 2017-2018 season:

    - Stan Brett, President

    - Mike Richards, Vice President & Treasurer

    - Bill Sprague, Trail Master

    - Ann Marie Brett, Secretary

    - Jeff Marble, Grant Administrator

    - Diane Burak, Communications Director

•  Welcome to our newest members: Kevin & Amanda Plant from Yonkers, NY

• Dysarts SnowX – January 27 & 28 at Speedway 95 – Hermon, ME.   Visit for event and registration information.

• Membership Info: Family membership to the club is $25 – Business memberships are $30; part of which will be applied to your MSA membership. Please send money to Ann Marie at 863 Gore. Rd., Otisfield, ME 04270. New membership applications are available on the website or through Ann Marie. [email protected]

• Trail maintenance/fall clean up has begun. Please meet at the town office every Sunday morning at 8AM if you can help.

II. Trail Maintenance Discussion

• Some trees need to be cut near the Ahonen Rd trails so the skidozer will fit

• Trail that crosses Ahonen Rd. trail will have to be re-routed next year. The land has changed hands and the new owner plans to build a house and will want us to change the trail.

• All trails were checked after the wind storm from two weeks ago. There was quite a lot of blown down trees that needed to be cleaned up. Nothing major remaining to address.

• Materials for bridges has been delivered

• Bridge repair on Sunday the 12th and on subsequent Sundays will include:

o Jackson Brook area

o Behind the town office

o Near Rayville Rd. trail

o Bridge behind the transfer station also needs repair.

o Bridge on the pipeline needs to be built

• New trail to re-route across Powhatan Rd. has been completed.

• Carl has planks at his house 3 3x8s and 8 2x4s that can be used for bridges

• Bethel update - The town of Bethel is voting again on Monday 11/13 whether or not to reverse their decision to restrict windmills in the town. If it is reversed Mr. Chadbourne has said he would make his land available as it has been in the past. 

Please remember to keep track of all trail work and grooming, including receipts. Send details to Bill Sprague. Submit receipts to Mike for reimbursement. Please be sure to submit records of maintenance and grooming hours to Bill and or Jeff ASAP, so totals can be tallied up for the grant submission which is due before the end of April. All records of maintenance and work will be due at the April meeting.

III. Groomer Maintenance

• Slave/wheel cylinders: These are still needed for the Skidozer – it has been painted.

• The Bombi – nothing needed at this time

• TrackTruck – needs an oil change

• Tucker – Oil change and strobe light needed.

• Looking for a barrel that can be used for packing behind the Track Truck….Ideally the roller should be 2 feet in diameter and 5 feet wide. Please notify Stan if you know of something that might work.

• The need for small drags to haul behind regular sleds – we may have an opportunity to get two that can be used by the club. (Post meeting note: the drags mentioned at the meeting are no longer available.)

IV. Other Discussion

• Christmas party – December 9th at 4PM - pot luck at the Brett residence. Yankee Swap. BYOB. Please respond to Ann Marie whether or not you can attend and what you might bring to share.

• Christmas baskets will be delivered the week before Christmas by Stan.

• Bill still has super raffle tickets $2/ea or 6 for $10. Ticket stubs must be returned to Bill by December 1st. Contact Bill for tickets.

• Membership ‘drive’…. Jeff will get a list from MSA of registered snowmobile owners for the town. Abby and Diane may be willing to send letters out.

• Club event – Bill is working on a trying to put something together. Would like to host a sliding party. 

Meeting adjourned 5:40 pm