Next Club Meeting 

Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 5:00 pm 

Otisfield Town Office - Route 121

Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2019

Members Present: Stan & Ann Marie Brett, Mike Richards, Art Purkis, Jeff Marble, Fran Chickering, Mike & Elise McAllister

I. Announcements

 Please check out our website at

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• Officers for the 2018-2019 season (same as last year):

o Stan Brett, President

o Mike Richards, Vice President & Treasurer

o Fran Chickering, Trail Master

o Ann Marie Brett, Secretary

o Jeff Marble, Grant Administrator

o Diane Burak, Communications Director

• Membership Info: Family membership to the club is $25 – Business memberships are $30; part of which will be applied to your MSA membership. Please send money to Ann Marie at 863 Gore. Rd., Otisfield, ME 04270. New membership applications are available on the website or through Ann Marie. [email protected]

II. Trail Maintenance Discussion

 • Our trails are STILL in great shape in Otisfield.

• Trail twig trimming is still being done. Thanks to Mike and Elise.

• The upcoming weather forecast including warmer temperatures will make grooming pointless this week.

• Parts of Waterford trail system has been shut down due to logging. Makes access to AJ’s difficult.

• Hawk Mountain area in Waterford is very rough

• After the season ends, we will need to bring in the trail signs

Please remember to keep track of all trail work and grooming man hours, including receipts. Submit receipts to Mike for reimbursement. All records of maintenance and work will be due at the April 2019 meeting so the data can be compiled for the grant application.

III. Groomer Maintenance

• Stan’s groomer needed some repair this week to fix several broken cleats and straighten a hydraulic ram.

• The hydraulic pump mount could use some work on Carl’s groomer

• Drum and sprocket issue on the Tucker resulted in major repair cost of $1700 in January.

The Tucker is now 10 years old and has been fairly reliable, however continued use of it requires some proactive maintenance to avoid a more serious break down. If we repair the other sprockets now we may be able to defer more costs down the road. Discussion among the members present as to how we can raise the estimated $2000 for the preventive maintenance.

• Cleats appear to be the most common thing that needs repair or replacement for all of the groomers.  

IV. Other Discussion

• Fund raiser idea for next year…. Hot dogs and hot chocolate on the trail near Jug Town with a donation bucket.

• All accumulated expenses for this season must be submitted to the Treasurer as soon as grooming stops, but no later than April 1st.

• All grooming logs need to be submitted to Jeff by April 6th – at the meeting.

Adjourned: 6:28 pm