Next Club Meeting

Saturday, October 10th  at 5:00 pm 

Otisfield Town Office - Route 121 

Meeting Minutes - September 12, 2020

Members Present: Stan & Ann Marie Brett, Fran Chickering, Art Purkis, Mike Richards, Carl Dougherty and Mike Rowell

I. Announcements

o Stan Brett, President

o Mike Richards, Vice President & Treasurer

o Fran Chickering, Trail Master

o Ann Marie Brett, Secretary

o Jeff Marble, Grant Administrator

o Diane Burak, Communications Director

  • Membership Info: Family membership to the club is $25 – Business memberships are $30; part of which will be applied to your MSA membership. Please send money to Ann Marie at 863 Gore. Rd., Otisfield, ME 04270. New membership applications are available on the website or through Ann Marie. [email protected]

II. Trail Maintenance Discussion - Fall Trail maintenance begins on Sunday 9/13 and will continue until all trails are ready for the season. Meet at the town office at 8AM

  • Raymond/Malloy area – Stan to talk with Dan again and the other landowner in the area with horses. We may need to put up signs to guide snowmobilers to stay on the marked trail. The land owners are willing to help us create a new trail beside the farm house to come to the end of the Gary Rd as an alternate to the Jackson Brook trail. The trail would run really close to the horse lady’s property line.
  • The ownership of some land on the Powhatan Rd. has changed. We may need to speak with the new landowners.
  • Bridge behind the transfer station needs to be checked out
  • Peaco Hill area trails are in good shape
  • For Sunday 9/13 – Check out trails to see if there are any major problems. Meet at the town office at 8AM.
  • If necessary, Eric is willing to help if new trail and work requires heavy equipment.

Please remember to keep track of all trail work and grooming man hours, including receipts. Submit receipts to Mike for reimbursement. All records of maintenance and work will be due at the April 2021 meeting so the data can be compiled for the grant application.

III. Groomer Maintenance

  • Carl’s groomer has bad steering. The hydraulic pump does not line up.
  • Fran’s groomer is OK but the drag pan may need some work. Another bracket on the front may be needed

  • Stan’s groomer may need some more cleats replaced. Some were already installed from the 26 that were made last year

  • Mike’s groomer needs general maintenance

V. Other Discussion

  • We have the grant packet from the state. There is some talk that the payout in the spring could be reduced by 10%
  • We have not received membership renewal cards from MSA
  • There was discussion to consider changing the meeting day to Wednesdays instead of Saturday. Member input is requested on this thought.