Next Meeting will be a pot luck dinner  

Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 5:00 pm 

75 Great Oaks Lane, Otisfield

Meeting Minutes - March 17, 2018

Members Present: Stan & Ann Marie Brett, Fran Chickering, Jeff Marble, Carl ‘Grumpy’ Dougherty, Art Purkis, Mike & Elise McAllister

I. Announcements

 Please check out our website at

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• Newly elected officers for the 2017-2018 season:

    - Stan Brett, President

    - Mike Richards, Vice President & Treasurer

    -Fran Chickering, Trail Master as of January 6, 2018
                   Special thanks to Fran for taking on this role as well as one of our groomer operators. We bid to farewell to                         Bill, wish him luck and hope that we may see him on the trails. Thanks to Bill for all he has done to support                        the club!

    - Ann Marie Brett, Secretary

    - Jeff Marble, Grant Administrator

    - Diane Burak, Communications Director

• Membership Info: Family membership to the club is $25 – Business memberships are $30; part of which will be applied to your MSA membership. Please send money to Ann Marie at 863 Gore. Rd., Otisfield, ME 04270. New membership applications are available on the website or through Ann Marie. [email protected]

II. Trail Maintenance Discussion

• Trail status: Deteriorated significantly due to a lot of water.

• Grooming has stopped for the season in Otisfield because of several wet areas and trail closures beyond our control

• We have heard and seen that Oxford is still grooming some of their trails

• Trail changes that will be needed for next year:

     o In the area of the Spurr’s Corner Fire Station – land owner has blocked the trail

     o One piece of property along on the McAllister road will not be an option to use as a new trail, but Stan is looking at other options in that area. Need to create a new trail from Raymond’s field to the old school house at the corner of Benny Rd and McAllister Rd. Once created we will no long maintain the Jackson Brook area trail.

     o Top of Canada hill down to Rte 121 at the Landing... The Landowner has given us permission to make this change and will walk his property with us in the spring.

     o Across Ahonen Rd. New property owner building a house will require a change. Can work with the ATV club and area residents (owner of the Big Log cabin) to build the trail.

     o Tear out Beaver dams in Seagent Brook behind the McKay property

     o Be sure to connect with all landowners affected by these changes in the spring.

Please remember to keep track of all trail work and grooming, including receipts. Submit receipts to Mike for reimbursement. All records of maintenance and work will be due at the April 2018 meeting so the data can be compiled for the grant application.

III. Groomer Maintenance

• The Skidozer has some wiring issues. Fran is working on it

• There was lengthy discussion around the club’s current grooming equipment and how to improve our fleet for next year. Jeff will look into another capital grant as a possibility to help with purchase of another piece of equipment.

• The group agreed to actively try to sell the Track Truck for $15000, including the drag.  

IV. Other Discussion

• Capital grant money/applications are due in June. Must present a purchase agreement as part of the application. Jeff will complete the application for the club.

• Jeff is also compiling current stats and expenses for this year grant reimbursement, which is due by the of April.  

•  Save the date – End of Season & Spring Pot Luck on Saturday, April 14 at 5:00 pm at the Marble residence

75 Great Oaks Lane just of Hidden Lake Rd. ….. BYOB. Please respond to Abby and Jeff if you will be attending and what you can bring to share at [email protected] or 207-539-2294

Meeting adjourned 6:06 pm